In September of 2013, I created an online shop on Redbubble named Lauramazing. I got the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription only a few days before, after being inspired from my summer work experience where I first used Adobe Illustrator.
The aim of setting up the shop was to keep me motivated to learn Illustrator, as well as to test my skills and to track my growth. I was not really expecting to sell anything, as my design skills at the start were not the best, but soon my hobby started earning me some extra pocket money.
Since 2013, I have actually started to pursue my career as a graphic designer, studying Graphic Communication at the University of Reading. Since then, my hobby has been pushed to the side, but now and then I continue to add new designs to be sold on t-shirts, phone cases, stickers, duvets, really anything you can think of. 
So far, I’ve made 3,000 sales, with my page receiving almost 10,000 views annually. My most popular design has been viewed over 43,000 times (information correct Jan 19). My simple, nerdy and quirky designs cemented my career choice, and was the foundations of my growth as a designer. 
"Mario Kart Items- Shells" has been sold over 600 times, and has received over 20,000 views
"Lemons, Limes and Oranges", available on 22 different products
"Awesomesaurus (green)", available on 40 different products
"Hot air balloon" available on 43 different products
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